Producing fields
Exploration block
A milestone for the company was reached when we took over our first asset from Hess Corporation, in partnership with Kosmos Energy.

The Ceiba field and Okume complex are located in the Gulf of Guinea, in water depths ranging from 50m to 800m. Trident is the operator of the Block G producing-fields, while Kosmos operates the surrounding exploration acreage: Block S, Block W and Block EG-21.

At the time of the takeover, the asset was producing 42,000bopd. A matter of months later, Trident had already increased output by 24% and will continue to enhance production with the deployment of ESP pumping technology, followed by infill drilling.

Sustained production
Trident Energy’s plan in Equatorial Guinea not only delivered initial gains but also outlines years of future cost-effective production increases.

At a glance


  • Discovered in 1999 by Triton Energy
  • 2000: First oil from subsea development with production via Sendje Ceiba FPSO
  • 43 Subsea wells
  • Water depth ranges from 66m to 800m
  • Contract expires 31 December 2040


  • Discovered in 2001 by Triton Energy
  • 2006: First oil from a multi-platform development comprising 2 mini-TLPs in 270m and 500m water depths, 3 well head platforms and a central processing facility
  • 72 wells
  • Crude is exported to the Sendje Ceiba FPSO
  • Water depth ranges from 45m to 500m
  • Contract expires 31 December 2040

Licence ownership

Block G (Ceiba & Okume)
Trident Energy
Kosmos Energy
Panoro Energy
Block S
Trident Energy
Kosmos Energy
Panoro Energy
Trident Energy has a multi-faceted plan to further develop the Ceiba and Okume assets.
Facilities and surface optimisations
Trident Energy explores every avenue in the hunt for production efficiencies and optimisation. This element is well under way and we have already been rewarded with initial production increases of 24%.
Lift optimisations and well recompletions
We are planning an intense workover campaign which will see the first ESPs installed in Equatorial Guinea, combined with plans to target behind-pipe opportunities, and to restart shut-in wells.
Water injection, infill and step-out drilling
Our subsurface and engineering teams are formulating plans that will see existing water injection upgraded, as well as a drilling campaign to come.
Near-field exploration
Near-field exploration is an important aspect of our long-term strategy for Equatorial Guinea. Together with our partners, we are assessing exploration potential and will acquire ~ 6,000km2 of 3D seismic in 2018.