About Trident Energy

What we do

Trident Energy was formed with a focused mission: to unlock the value of mid-life oil & gas assets.

These are fields that are no longer central to their owners’ strategic goals but can still deliver growth through applying fresh thinking, specialist mid-life experience and technology.

Our skill lies in finding undiscovered efficiencies to increase production and reserves. We apply forensic attention to detail, re-interpreting subsurface data and leveraging the existing infrastructure to redevelop and re-energise fields. Our activities range from well-work and drilling to near-field exploration.

Undiscovered efficiencies
Investigating the potential for additional well-drilling at the Okume Complex, Equatorial Guinea.

Where we operate

We acquired and successfully took over the Ceiba and Okume assets in Equatorial Guinea from Hess Corporation in 2017 and completed the acquisition of Pampo and Enchova, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, in 2020.

These acquisitions are in line with our strategy to acquire mid-life producing assets globally.

We focus on oil and gas fields lacking attention and investment, to re-develop them, increase production, unlock reserves, and create value for all stakeholders.

Trident Energy primary focus

Latin America Africa

How we work

At Trident we have had the exciting opportunity to build our company from the ground up.

So we are flat in structure, entrepreneurial and nimble. We have no unnecessary layers or barriers to clear decision-making. And we never forget that the success of any business is hard-wired to the satisfaction of all its stakeholders:

For host states and governments we are a trusted and productive partner who generates important national revenues. We do not operate remotely – our project leaders and their families relocate in-country, as we fulfil our role as a major contributor to the local economy and community.

For employees we offer high-quality employment, respect, responsibilities, fair rewards and safe working conditions.

For communities we are active in programmes that deliver skills training, healthcare and education.

For the environment we seek to tread lightly, minimising our impact and conforming to best international standards.

For our investors we are an expert partner, creating sustainable growth in various subsidiaries, and working with integrity, skill and safety.

Equatorial Guinea
Where we increased efficiencies and output by 24% in the first few months.


Trident Energy stands on firm financial foundations.

Central to our investment plans is a $400 million Line of Equity backing from leading private equity firms Warburg Pincus and Quantum Energy Partners. With their support Trident is well placed to achieve its continued growth and business development.

Warburg bring more than 50 years’ experience in growth investment and have supported over 800 companies with more than $60bn of equity. In the energy space, Warburg has invested, or committed, over $10bn across more than 50 investments. Trident Energy is currently unique in their portfolio as the only specialist in international mid-life oil & gas assets.

Quantum Energy Partners is a leading provider of private capital across the energy ecosystem, including traditional and sustainable energy with a long and proven track record of successfully investing in companies with a partnership approach.

Our respective investment cultures are like-minded: measured, selective growth, coupled with creative thinking and innovative ideas. We also believe in creating value but doing so responsibly.

Access our latest reports, presentations and shareholder information on our investor portal. Please note - our investor portal is only available in English.

Investor portal

We unlock the value of mid-life assets, by applying fresh thinking and drawing on a deep reservoir of expertise. Our team has a long and proven track record of recognised results.
Jean-Michel Jacoulot

Chief Executive Officer