Strategy and assets

Our mid-life strategy

At Trident Energy we are specialists, not generalists.

Our vision is to build a geographically diversified portfolio of sizable and producing mid-life oil and gas assets, onshore and offshore. We operate and redevelop them to world-class standards, and are undistracted by any other pursuit.

Where original owners may see declining production and increasing liability, we see opportunity.

We see proven, producing fields with years of life ahead of them. And by scrutinising every aspect of their history, we identify untapped potential that could be unlocked.

Deepwater operations
Use of ROVs (Remotely operated underwater vehicles) allow for essential maintenance and optimisation in Equatorial Guinea.

Typical projection after asset acquisition

To extend the life of fields we leverage the existing infrastructures and manage complex operating challenges to redevelop and explore. We then focus on increasing production and creating new reserves.

The Trident team draws on years of field experience and best-in-class reservoir management skills to deliver its plans and create value for all its stakeholders.

Trident Energy Assets

We are in the business of identifying and maximising undiscovered efficiencies. In Equatorial Guinea, we achieved a 24% increase in output after only five months of operations, and this is just the start.
Edwin Lopez

Head of Subsurface