19 September 2023

Trident Energy inaugurates school complex in Vabe, Equatorial Guinea

On 9 September, Trident Energy together with the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons and its Block G partners, inaugurated the Colegio Nacional De Vabe school complex In Vabe, Equatorial Guinea.

Local infrastructure

The school complex consists of four classrooms, the principal’s office, a meeting room for teachers and a house for teaching staff. The school, which has a capacity for 90 students, is fully equipped and also has a playground and a solar water well. Trident Energy was involved beyond the construction of the school and liaised with the Ministry of Education to ensure all classes were staffed effectively.

Social Investment

The new school complex is located at the southern end of Vabe, located on the Bata-Kogo national highway. There are approximately 315 residents in this town, of which 90 are children. With its inauguration, Trident Energy and partners in Block G, Kosmos, Panoro Energy and GEPetrol, delivered a strong community milestone, demonstrating commitment to Equatorial Guinea.

“We have placed the training of the youth of our country at the center, they are the successors of our generation and the future of our people,” declared His Excellency Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Mr Antonio Oburu Ondo.

Local opportunities

This project has also followed a sustainability improvement strategy, such as hiring local workers during the construction phase who received on-the-job training and knowledge transfer, so that they can take charge of future maintenance. Another project milestone was the drilling of a well to collect water, the construction of a cistern and the installation of photovoltaic panels to supply electricity to the main infrastructure. The company PROSER supervised the project and ensured the materials used complied with technical specifications and regulations.

Trident Energy remains committed to investing and supporting community programs in Equatorial Guinea that can positively impact regions, meet community needs, improve quality of life and help build a prosperous future.

The Colegio Nacional De Vabe will empower students with the knowledge, skills and learning opportunities to grow and reach their full potential.