9 May 2022

Trident Energy Sustainability Report 2021: Rejuvenating mid-life assets for long-term value

Today we are launching our second Sustainability Report which highlights all the work and progress we made in 2021 along with our ambitious plans to reduce our carbon footprint.   

Protecting the environment and our people is a responsibility we embrace with care and dedication and will always be one of the pillars, critical to our success. Therefore, we ensure robust systems are in place for assessing and managing environmental risk and comply with all environmental laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, adopting best industry practices to mitigate impacts.   

Since the release of our first report, we continued to carry out thorough investigations to quantify and establish measurable objectives to reduce our carbon footprint. As a result, we have set a strategic commitment to achieve a 50% reduction in our carbon intensity by 2030. We have the strong support of our Board of Directors who are committed and engaged with sustainability initiatives providing strategic guidance and resources. Our management system establishes policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines in alignment with international standards and sustainable development goals. 

As a leading company in the energy industry, we help generate the economic development of the countries we operate in and the sustainable development of its territories. We also remain a partner of the national governments in Brazil and Equatorial Guinea, working closely with the local communities.  

We will continue to act with due diligence to manage the risks derived from our operations, respecting and promoting human rights and caring for the environment. As we strive for excellence in the areas where we have great results, we will also diligently address the areas where we see the most room for improvement. 

We will achieve our commitments by continuing to apply the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices and each section of our report covers this in greater detail. I hope you find this Sustainability Report informative. 

Sustainability Report 2021 (English only)