6 September 2021

Trident Energy launches its first Sustainability Report

Trident Energy is pleased to announce its first Sustainability Report, which represents an important milestone for the group.

Over recent years, the oil and gas industry has needed to evolve in line with the energy transition and the decarbonisation objectives articulated in the Paris Agreement. Trident Energy recognises both its role and the opportunity to contribute to this journey through its ESG practices.

As such, in 2020, the group began reviewing how to improve its operations to limit Scope 1 (direct) and 2 (indirect) emissions. Trident Energy has since undertaken significant work to review every possible option for its producing assets. The group found that the single largest opportunity to decarbonise the business is to eliminate routine gas flaring. Over the next five years, Trident Energy plans to reduce routine flaring and the sources of methane emissions its operations produces. The group will do this through an ambitious integrity programme, centralising power generation and upgrading its facilities. Further to this, it will continue to explore ways to improve its sustainability performance.

Jean-Michel Jacoulot, CEO, Trident Energy Management Limited, commented: “Oil and gas will continue to play an essential role in the global energy mix in the longer-term. With this in mind, we will maintain our laser focus on building a better and more responsible company towards the environment and the countries in which we operate.

“Moving forward, we will make every effort to demonstrate how our activities can continue to create value for our host governments and local communities, run our business responsibly and efficiently, build a compelling proposition for our stakeholders and create a great place to work for our employees.”

Trident Energy’s first Sustainability Report covers its environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and performance in 2020, significant events for the group during the year and its ambitions aim to decarbonise the business in the years to come. Read it here:

Trident Energy Sustainability Report 2020 (English only)