1 Junho 2022

Trident Energy’s charity day 2022

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Our annual charity day is a global initiative aimed at giving back to our local communities and the environment around us. Additionally, it is also a great opportunity for our teams to get together while supporting a great cause.

Last year we held a charity fitness challenge in support of the charity UNICEF. Each team across our three countries had to track their exercise minutes using the Strava app, and the team with the most minutes at the end were the winners.

In honour of World Environment Day, celebrated on 5th June, we were inspired to create an initiative to help the planet this year. As a result, we focused on cleaning up local beaches and rivers. The clean-ups of beaches and rivers helps restore ecosystems and creates safer environments for humans and marine life. While our Brazil and Equatorial Guinea teams volunteered at their local beaches, the London team did their volunteering at the Thames shoreline.

On 19th May, we took part in a clean-up of single use plastics and wet wipes from the Thames shore. These clean-up events are designed to remove litter and invasive species to help make our waterways a thriving place for wildlife and a space that people can enjoy.

The team described the clean-up event to be uplifting and insightful. Edwin Lopez, Subsurface manager said: “This was a truly eye-opening experience. It allowed me to understand the breadth of the pollution problem affecting our water ways. I did not expect for wet wipes to be one of the biggest problems. I was surprised on how they can be hidden in plain sight on the shore until they were pointed out by the Thames21 charity. Great job by the charity, educating people and helping to promote change!” 

The Thames21 charity collects over 200 tonnes of waste from the Thames each year through volunteering events like ours.

Great work team!

Meanwhile in Brazil, over 60 employees, friends, and family members teamed together to remove the micro waste from Praia do Flamengo on 21st May. In total, the group collected over a whopping 75kg of micro waste! As well as helping to clean the beach, they generated data for scientific research and raised awareness about the problem of waste in the oceans.

This was achieved through a partnership with the Mar Sem Lixo Project, a local non-profit charity that works to improve the environment through awareness and education.

Carolina Gouvea, HSE Analyst said: "Many people that were passing by stopped to ask more about the event, they congratulated the company's initiative and said that they would spread the word about actions like ours. It was amazing!!" 

Well done team!

​In Equatorial Guinea, we participated in the charity volunteering day on 27th May. Our employees, as well as members of the local community, gathered to clean up the beach in Bome. They also invited students from the local primary school to the event, along with their teachers and the school director. 

There were around 100 participants in total who spent the day collecting waste that had washed up on the shoreline. At the end of the day, all the materials and tools that had been used to clean the beach were donated to the community council with the guarantee that they would organise the beach to be cleaned regularly in the future.

Dora Alicante, CSR Coordinator commented: “The decision to invite the schools was a success. Seeing how the children were excited to contribute was the icing on the cake for a much needed activity - after all they will be the men and women of tomorrow. I felt that with the activity we inspired them to be more involved.”

Congratulations team!

Until next year, you all Rock the Rocks!

Trident Energy charity day 2022 across Brazil, Equatorial Guinea and London