30 April 2024

Launch of Trident Energy Sustainability Report 2023: Sustainability in focus

We are pleased to launch the Trident Energy Sustainability Report 2023, which documents our safety, sustainability and socio-economic performance and progress throughout the year.

We regard sustainability as critical to our operations and long-term success as we move towards a 50% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030.

This report is structured around our commitments and responses to the following key themes:

  • Climate change and the environment
    Impact of Trident Energy’s business activities and our protection, preservation and mitigation efforts.
  • People, communities and partnerships
    Stakeholder engagement and social investment projects.
  • Caring for our workforce
    Covering safety, health and wellbeing, professional growth and development opportunities.
  • Risk management and compliance
    Managing and mitigating risks to ensure good governance.

It recognizes where we have made positive progress and pays tribute to the hard work of our teams.

While there is some way to go, we have made some great progress in laying the groundwork and advancing our sustainability commitments.

Below are some key highlights from this year’s report:

  • Made a 5% absolute reduction in CO2e against 2022, and accelerated gas injection network integration (GINI light) in Equatorial Guinea (EG).
  • Supported the local economy by using over 800 local suppliers across EG and Brazil, committed spend value of $712M in total.
  • Reduced the number of Lost Time injuries in our operations.
  • Continued to strengthen our safety culture with workshops, training and the Leadership in Health & Safety program which was rolled out to over 1,400 employees and contractors.
  • Maximized our contribution to the communities where we operate, supporting various projects across education, livelihood development, health and sanitation and biodiversity conservation. Look at some of the fantastic case studies and initiatives across Brazil and EG featured in the report.
  • Rolled out several initiatives for employee health & wellbeing including mental health.

Jean-Michel Jacoulot, Chief Executive Officer, Trident Energy ML commented: “Trident Energy is deeply committed to developing a strong and resilient business that meets global energy demands while operating safely, being an active member of our communities and protecting the environment. I am proud of our achievements so far and the meaningful and positive outcomes that we can share in this year’s report.”

Paul Coward, Head of Safety and Sustainability, Trident Energy ML commented: “2023 marked a year of steady progress as work continued to operationalize and embed our commitment to sustainability. We continue to build stronger foundations through dialogue on safety and recognizing the role of individuals in maintaining safe and sustainable operations. I am confident in our ability to advance our sustainability journey and proud of our accomplishments this year.”

We hope you will find our report informative.