14 September 2022

Trident Energy participates in handover ceremonies with the communities of Afangui, Bindung and Handje in Equatorial Guinea

In line with our local content efforts, Trident Energy, together with the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH), and representing the Block G partners, has handed over several local infrastructure projects in Equatorial Guinea (Afangui in Micomeseng District, Bindung in Bata and Handje in Mbini, respectively) on 8th, 9th and 10th September 2022. 


Local infrastructure  

  • In Afangui, Trident Energy, together with officials of the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons, handed over a solar-powered water well. 
  • In Bindung, two solar-powered water wells and a conference room were inaugurated. 
  • In Handje, Trident Energy, accompanied by the MMH, handed over three pedestrian bridges along the coastal area. 

Social investment 

Building solar water wells continues to be one of our initiatives with the greatest positive impact in Equatorial Guinea. They provide access to clean drinking water for thousands of people in rural communities. Since the wells are powered by solar energy through photovoltaic panels, the most current and sustainable technology is guaranteed. In addition, the training we have provided to the locals to maintain and own the water wells has enabled knowledge transfer and capacity building. 

During a routine visit to the Handje community, we noticed that the bridges connecting the two ends of the town were in poor condition and posed a serious risk for accidents. Over the years, the bridges' structural integrity has been severely compromised, since they were built from wood a long time ago. These bridges are used by the community for daily tasks, including going to school and work or buying groceries. So, we felt strongly that this was a much-needed project to ensure the safety of everyone, especially those most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. 


Local opportunities 

In line with our philosophy, we commit to social investments that create real opportunities for local people. Therefore, through a local vendor, we involved the communities in the construction of the wells’ infrastructure. Now, after three months of project construction, these wells, with a capacity of 3,000 litres of water, add to the thirteen wells already built by Trident Energy and the MMH.  

For the construction of the bridges, Trident Energy relied on 90% local employment, complying with local content requirements, and following our CSR strategy.  

Catalina Martínez Asumu, Secretary of State for Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Handicraft Promotion, born and raised in Afangui, who was present at the ceremony, stated:

“The purpose of these initiatives is to improve the quality of life of the communities and water is a basic need. Children and the elderly will no longer have to walk several kilometres to fetch water. This shows the commitment of the hydrocarbon sector to the country, investing in sustainable opportunities. Trident Energy is a company committed to creating value for our society".

Arthur de Fautereau, General Manager, Trident Equatorial Guinea Inc added:

“Congratulations to the local construction company for its impeccable work, the inhabitants of the villages for their assistance and supervision, as well as the entire team for their collaboration that has enabled these projects to reach their happy conclusion. Trident's priority as a social citizen is to contribute to the economic and social development of Equatorial Guinea. By providing sustainable solutions, we aim to help our communities become more resilient and to improve their quality of life".