1 September 2021

Improving Bacia de Campos and the revitalisation of mature fields in Brazil

On Saturday 28th August Trident Energy had the pleasure of welcoming the Minister of Mines and Energy (MNE) Almirante Bento Albuquerque, Secretary of O&G of MME José Mauro Coelho, the Congressman Christino Áureo, the Secretary of Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Vinicius Farah, the Mayor of Campos, Wladimir Garotinho, the Mayor of Macaé, Welberth Rezende, and the Secretary of Macae Cristiano Gelinho to its Pampo platform (PPM1). 

The visit took place within the framework of PROMAR (Programa de Revitalização e Incentivo à Produção de Campos Marítimos in Portuguese). This program was initiated by the federal government through MME with the objective of creating conditions for extending the life of mature fields, improving the production of oil and gas, increasing investments in exploration and production and generating more jobs. 

Patrick Garo, General Manager, Trident Energy do Brasil, commented “It was great to be able to show the enormous advances and improvements we have made in just over a year of operation. Thank you for the visit and well done to the team involved in ensuring everyone had a safe and informative visit. Fantastic team effort.” 

As part of PROMAR, several debates are taking place and the 2nd Workshop took place on Tuesday 31st August 2021, with an important participation of Trident Energy. “It is always particularly great to discuss ways to stimulate the revitalisation of mature fields, attract investments, improve the business environment and, above all, create jobs.” Commented Fabricio Zaluski, Head of Legal, Trident Energy do Brasil. 

The 2nd PROMAR Workshop can be watched through this link: https://youtu.be/TXkR4_Pbg7U  

More information about the Minister's visit on PPM1 can be found here:  https://www.gov.br/mme/pt-br/assuntos/noticias/ministro-conhece-novos-empreendimentos-de-petroleo-e-gas-natural-em-macae-e-campos-rj